Gråskägg MC (Greybeard) consists of a bunch of guys who are in “our best years” and oddly enough – although the name suggests differently, do not all have grey beards. 

Most of us have been riding bikes since the 70′s and have also been members of different clubs in the Gothenburg area in our younger days. Although other interests, raising children and careers may have caused less frequent bikeriding, most of us have kept on riding continuously anyway. 

In the year of 2000 some of us got to thinking about making a roadtrip to the “States” together, and how great it would be if we could bring our own bikes to ride over there! Our options were Daytona and Sturgis, and for different reasons we chose Sturgis and set about planning the trip. Our dream came true in 2001 when 6 of us left Sweden after shipping 4 bikes on ahead. We were teaming up with 2 others who were already on location with bikes in Chicago and 2 of us were designated drivers of the old “support-truck” purchased for this occasion only. The drive from Chicago across to San Fransisco took 5 weeks and during that time we all bonded and became very good friends. 

Once we returned from this adventure we decided to continue our friendship and our common interests by forming a mc-club that we eventully named Gråskägg/Greybeard. 

After some years with full colours we decided 2012 to stop wearing colours, and Gråskägg MC is nowadays a Garage and T-shirts Club. 

The purpose of our club is to “enjoy life” by riding bikes, building/repairing bikes,meeting friends and sharing good times together. 

Nothing compares to finishing a good days ride on the bike, by sitting down by a campfire whilst drinking some cold beers,maybe smoking a cigar and listening in on the latest news or oldest jokes among old and new friends 

We hope to see You on the road or maybe by a campfire somewhere, 

Gråskägg MC